About us

AMSoft Group is a multinational software development company with offices in Europe & North America. Since 2009, we have been developing innovative solutions for organizations in the insurance, IT, healthcare, and legal markets. We provide top quality services using several key ingredients such as using the latest tools for software development, following industry-wide accepted management processes, and relying on experienced professionals.

We provide cost effective solutions by focusing on open source technologies such as Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML & CSS. If you need a top quality IT solution for a competitive price, please contact us and let us build the system which satisfies your business and operational requirements, together.


The internship programs offered to Computer Science students represent the core of the close relationship we have with the Alecu Russo State University, which is the largest scientific center in Northern Moldova and the second largest university in the Republic of Moldova. Our relationship with Alecu Russo State University allows us to train and recruit the best graduates in order to scale up our services according to our customer’s needs.