AMSoft Group has deep experience developing applications within the Java ecosystem. The technologies we have experience with include:

  • EJB3, Hibernate, JPA, SQL, PL SQL;
  • Spring framework (especially experienced with Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Security and Spring Integration);
  • Hybris platform (especially experienced with the modules related to Telco Accelerator, such as the subscriptions module, the bundling module and the order management module, as well as administration and configuration tools such as Product Cockpit, CMS Cockpit, Admin Cockpit, HMC and HAC);
  • JSP, Servlets, JSTL;
  • HTML, CSS;
  • JavaScript, Sencha ExtJS, jQuery;
  • Jasper Reports;

We actively apply the following practices:

  • Use Git as Source Code Management system;
  • Use Stash as code review tool;
  • Use Jenkins as a Continuous Integration server that runs nightly builds for all our applications;
  • Use Jenkins for performing releases to Test, Stage and Production environments in a consistent and controlled manner;
  • Run integration tests based on various tools and frameworks such as Siesta, Selenium and DbUnit during the nightly build processes;
  • Use JaCoCo to determine the coverage of Java code by the unit tests and integration tests while running them as part of the nightly build processes;
  • Use SonarQube during the nightly build processes to constantly measure and improve the quality of our code;

Web applications are powered by database management systems like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL or MySql and running on servers like JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Jetty or Apache HTTP Server.

We use testing libraries and frameworks like JUnit, DbUnit, Siesta, Selenium or JaCoCo to determine the code coverage of our automated tests.